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Illuminate the future in a sustainable manner. Turn on Re +

Turned off. The mass production. The uniformity. The squandering of natural resources. The world moves fast, but to go where?
Is there a "light" that can guide us? And if there were, would we be able to follow it? Even the light goes fast. How much? Scientists would respond 300000 kilometers per second. Not for us. For us, the speed of light is zero. More than in the speed, we are interested in the direction. More than in the uniformity, in the creativity. More than in the production, in the sustainability. We need a solution to give new forms to the present, to produce without polluting, to respect the environment and, consequently, ourselves. The graphic icon idea is a light bulb. Theidea is made lamp. The change is immediate and rapid, but disruptive in its circularity. In the textile city, the rocks are stripped of the fibers and turn on with Re+. Besides the lamp, beyond the piece of furniture. Reinvent, renew, recycle: all in the same place, where kms are 0, where the software is free, where energy conservation is the direction. The textile remains and combines with the light: no environmental impact, but a harmonious marriage.
Turned on. Low consumption, but high capacity of enlightenment. No waste, but a new order to the existing. Building with recycled materials a fully recyclable product. Transforming the distaffs into chandeliers and lampshades, into desk or floor lamps, into lighting for homes and for working places.

Reinvent, recycle, renew: light up today a sustainable tomorrow. Turn on Re+.


Production Process

When the material is solidified, the mold opens up and the molded parts are expelled.

The plastic material to be processed is presented in granulated form. It is sucked through a system of supply in the hopper.

Before reaching the plasticizing cylinder, it is mixed with the master (colorant).

After the extraction, the mobile part of the mold closes again and another cycle starts. The pieces ejected from the mold fall into an underlying channel on a conveyor belt that deposits them in a suitable container, from which they will be taken for the successive phases of selection, control and eventual following finishing of the pieces.

Packaging stage. The material is ready for shipment.

Re+ comes from the idea of using already existing machineries and molds, turning technical industrial objects into design objects thanks to the help of the designers: the use of existing resources (besides the use of recycled and recyclable materials) allows to protect the environment and to be able to offer democratic and accessible to all designer items.



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