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Sustainable lighting

Can a design combine comfort, aesthetics and environmental sustainability? Apparently it can! This happens in the Tuscan company Mariplast: with the cooperation of leading designers, and the experience in the textile industry,  a few years ago the company has launched  the line of eco-friendly lamps Re+, made of recycled plastics, using recyclable production waste .

But let's step back and try to understand what makes this so virtuous object apparently so simple ...

Illuminazione ecosostenibile

First of all, the ability to illuminate with style. Light is an essential element in our daily lives , although we usually take it for granted. And it's what allows us to distinguish colors and objects, to have a fair knowledge of the space and move with ease. Think of the difficulty of moving in an environment that is weakly illuminated: every gesture becomes difficult, because we do not perceive what surrounds us properly. A well-lighted room, with the right shadows, and the right contrasts, makes the environment more comfortable .

Also, the lighting is what gives the right atmosphere to an environment: a soft light in the bedroom makes it romantic and conveys a feeling of relaxation, a kitchen or a well-lighted work environment is an ideal place to carry out your duties without tiring visually. Not to mention the strong impact that light has on human physiology and psychology!
For this reason, designing a lamp is much more than a mere creative act : it means to decorate, to create a comfortable space for those who live in it.

For this reason, the lamps of the Re + line  are essential, but also bright and colorful . Their heart is a plastic distaff, originally designed for the dyeing of the yarns,  and the outside is a grille inspired by the weave of a fabric ( the textile is Mariplast original area of interest ). Also, they are environmentally friendly lamps, the "green heart lamps" as they have been defined by Panorama Economy.

Along with the design, the eco-sustainability had made Re + lamps one of the "100 most significant objects of design in 2010" (Source: Christmust 2010). Mariplast decided to give life to its products based on the principles of environmental responsibility. Environmental sustainability is not just a fad or a European directive: it is a virtuous attitude, it is love for future generations.  Producing in an environmentally friendly way means to have respect for the world in which we live and act in a responsible manner. For this reason, the ecological Re + lamps are entirely made up of recycled plastic, and can be completely dismantled into individual components, in order to maximize the amount of recyclable material.

Mariplast, in this line, proposes again what's more natural in the universe: the infinite capacity to develop recovering, using the energy, but without wasting it. The illuminating heart of these lamps is a 7W LED light (available, on request, also in the 11W fluorescent format), which has the advantage of guaranteeing 40,000 hours of illumination, allowing energy savings of 85% compared to 50W normal fluorescent bulbs (equal in terms of ability to enlightenment) .
The environmental impact is further reduced due to low CO2 emissions and the absence of mercury.

With the Re + line, Mariplast won the competition in 2009, "House of the Third Millennium", organized by the CNA of Prato, and took the Tuscan town to the forefront of the international scene. From a small business, a global impact project is born, with a small object a great dream is realized.

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