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Launch of the new Re+ e-commerce

One eye for design and one for eco-sustainability. If you are convinced that combining the two things is not even remotely possible, then it is obvious that you have never heard of Re +. Mariplast launches a new e-commerce, and it looks like within a very short time the website will be among the most clicked by those who dream to furnish their homes in an impeccable way while preserving at the same time the environment and the nature...

And there should be no doubt about the fact that by ordering one of the extraordinary Re+ eco-friendly lamps made of recycled plastic your home will shine with its own light. In every sense. Try it to believe take a direct look at the innovative e-commerce storefront!

Suffice it to say, before diving headlong into shopping, that the brand's philosophy is to offer the public more attentive furnishings with clean lines and modern and attractive design, without however giving up on the pleasure of illuminating their homes with items that can not in any way harm the surrounding environment. The ideal solution, therefore, for those who love nature and has a weakness for particular and out of the ordinary objects. And it is no coincidence that the ambitious project of Re +, a collaboration between the staff of Mariplast and Stefano Giovacchini of " Di•Segno", in 2009 won the first prize in the international competition "The House of the third millennium ", reflecting the fact that all the eco-friendly lamps that you will find on e-commerce are exclusive and in the name of modernity.

In fact, glancing at the website e -shop, you will immediately realize that more than lamps they are real "light sculptures": not only will they make more pleasant and warmer the atmosphere in your home, but  they will also give an extra special touch thanks to their fantastic design. The variety of colors then, especially if banal and traditional objects do not suit you, will surprise you. At the same time the prices of e-commerce will make you speechless: who would have thought, in fact, that decorating the house with eco-friendly lamps, both modern and innovative, could cost so little? A few examples to give an idea of how the numbers are truly accessible to all: if you want to get the gorgeous Reone Table, perfect to be placed on the desk , it will cost only 35 Euros (shipment included). And among the many colors available you will be spoilt for choice: purple, yellow , fuchsia, turquoise , orange, and so on and so forth. Same goes for all the other table or hanging eco-friendly lamps  for sale online, including the fun chandeliers and colorful lampshades that you will discover through the site.

With Re + products you will take care of the environment thanks to the materials that characterize the eco-friendly Re+ lamps: recycle is the watchword of this brand, which is why it is clear that all the products that are for sale on e-commerce are entirely made of plastic and fibers recovered from processing waste. An original way, briefly, to reinvent what is no longer needed , giving it new life and assigning it a very important task. That is, precisely, to enlighten and make life more beautiful and colorful. So, you just have to marry the philosophy of Re+ and order immediately from the Shop section the eco-friendly lamp that you like.

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