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Present at HOMI in Milan

HOMIRe +, Italian brand in the field of sustainable and innovative lighting, was present in the stands of HOMI in Milan, enjoying excellent success within visitors and those who worked in the exhibition. HOMI, heir to MACEF, is one of the biggest festivals on the national scene, dedicated to the world of home furnishings. Re + has exposed major projects in the area dedicated to Living Habits.

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The inventors of Re Voluxion

Studio b-archInventors of Re Voluxion, the architects Sabrina Bignami and Alessandro Capellaro, answer to our questions...

1. When and how was the collaboration between B-Arch and Re+ set up?

1. A: The collaboration was born due to a personal acquaintance with Fabia and, given the type of activity practiced, it has been almost natural to think together about the product and be involved in thinking about how to give birth to a new chapter of this journey of Re+. It is always interesting to decontextualize an object and combine the two things.

2. What was the idea behind the birth of Re Voluxion and what did you want to convey designing it?

2. A: The basic idea is innate in the same identity of Re+. It's a second life of industrial production waste products. S: The idea was born from the most interesting waste product, characterized by a strong visual identity, and immediately after, form the recognition of a strong  similarity between this product and the lamps made during the '60s, the golden age for design. The goal was to redesign a lamp that was in line with Re + and had a very contemporary design and perception. The intent was to transform something already existing into something workable, but creating a new product. A: It's interesting to think that the waste product can be a resource for design: objects reach perfection with the collaboration between designers and those who produce. This is an interesting thing to connect to the concept of Re +.

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Launch of the new Re+ e-commerce

One eye for design and one for eco-sustainability. If you are convinced that combining the two things is not even remotely possible, then it is obvious that you have never heard of Re +. Mariplast launches a new e-commerce, and it looks like within a very short time the website will be among the most clicked by those who dream to furnish their homes in an impeccable way while preserving at the same time the environment and the nature...

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The importance of a lamp within an environment

The light of an environment is an irreplaceable element for the beauty and the livability of the space. For an office, a dining room or a bedroom, the lighting effects enhance or soften the lines of the spaces and communicate, like the furnitures and the architecture, the culture and lives of those who live in those places. In a period when we all are sensitive to the environment and to the  issues related to sustainability, the choice of an eco-friendly lamp becomes a way to respect the environment and conceive the world as a place of valuable resources... 

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Sustainable lighting

Can a design combine comfort, aesthetics and environmental sustainability? Apparently it can! This happens in the Tuscan company Mariplast: with the cooperation of leading designers, and the experience in the textile industry,  a few years ago the company has launched  the line of eco-friendly lamps Re+, made of recycled plastics, using recyclable production waste .

But let's step back and try to understand what makes this so virtuous object apparently so simple ...

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